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ایف بی آر کی پریس ریلیز

ایف بی آر کی پریس ریلیزتازہ ترین

FBR launches drive to inform taxpayers of discrepancy in returns

Federal Board of Revenue FBR has launched a campaign to intimate the taxpayers electronically regarding the discrepancies found in their declarations and non-filing of tax returns and statements.

According to a press statement released to the media on Monday, the FBR has taken the step to facilitate the taxpayers and help them ensure a voluntary compliance before initiation of some legal action against them. The response to these e-intimations launched recently has been quite encouraging and FBR hopes the exercise would lead further to a voluntary compliance in this regard.

The FBR has further added that during the process of testing the e-Notification module to be used for issuing legal notices electronically, some of the taxpayers of LTU Islamabad were issued e-notices inadvertently for the tax year 2010 and those have been withdrawn. Inconvenience caused due to these e-notices is regretted.

Hamid Raza Wattoo
Secretary PR
Jun 21, 2010