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Assets Declaration Scheme 2019

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01. Asset Declaration Update Asset Declaration Update
02. File your Declarations File - Asset Declaration 2019
03. Payment of Taxes Pay - Asset Declaration 2019
Create PSID for: Tax on Foreign Assets (USD or AED)

Tax may be paid either in USD or AED and PSID will specify the liability in desired currency

1. Complete the Asset declaration and create PSID from the FBR portal

2.Request your banker to remit the funds to either NBP New York ( for US$ payment) or UBL Dubai (for AED payment) depending upon the currency of remittance opted by you.

3. Request your banker to include following information as a part of message in the relevant fields:

a. PSID#


c. Date of birth

d. Place of birth

4. NBP-Karachi will issue eCPR for payment.

For details please refer to SBP Notification

For help please contact SBP helpline

Tax on Domestic Foreign Currency Account (USD)
Tax on Domestic Assets/ Sales/Expenditures/Tax Demanded (PKR)
04. Frequently Asked Questions FAQs - Asset Declaration 2019
05. Complete Taxpayer Information Guide Assets Declaration Scheme 2019 - English Booklet
Assets Declaration Scheme 2019 - Urdu Booklet
06. Guide for Online Registration & Filing Registration Guide for Individuals - Asset Declaration 2019
Declaration Filing Guide - Asset Declaration 2019
07. State Bank Notifications & Help State Bank Notifications & Help
State Bank Circular regarding Assets Declaration Ordinance, 2019
08. Relevant Law Assets Declaration Ordinance, 2019
Asset Declaration (Procedure and Conditions) Rules, 2019 - S.R.O 578(I)/2019