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Directorate General - Strategic Planning Reforms & Statistics (SPR&S)

Directorate General - Strategic Planning Reforms & Statistics (SPR&S)

Dr. Nasir Khan

Director General (SPR&S)

Key performance indicators for Member SPR&S

  1. Publication of Revenue Division Year Book, FBR Year Book, and revenue collection figures on FBR website at the end of each Financial Year before 30th Sep, along with publication of Bi-Annual Review within two months of relevant period.
  2. Carrying out Revenue Forecasting exercise in every June for next Financial Year along with assigning of tax collection targets to Line Members; and providing collection profile/tax expenditures for publication of Economic Survey within the given timeline.
  3. Providing information and data to donor agencies like IMF/World Bank on project-to-project basis, and to Finance Division, MoC, Planning Commission, SBP, PBS, etc., as per their need and within the given timelines.
  4. Provision of required information and data to National Assembly/Senate at least 48-hours prior to the relevant session.
  5. Dissemination of tax collection figures fortnightly to Finance Division and subsequent reconciliation of the same with AGPR before close of each month.

Further Job description is as under

  • Bi-Annual Review
  • Revenue Division Year Book
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Provision of data to donor agencies like IMF/World Bank
  • National Assembly / Senate Business (data related)
  • Correspondence with Government bodies like Finance Division, Planning Commission, SBP, Ministry of Commerce, etc. 
  • Coordination with different organizations for dissemination of information and data