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ایف بی آر کی پریس ریلیز

ایف بی آر کی پریس ریلیزتازہ ترین

FBR attaches PTA Accounts in its ongoing Tax Recovery drive.

Recovery action on PTA

FBR in its ongoing campaign to recover outstanding tax liabilities against various companies, the Large Taxpayers Unit (LTU), Islamabad has attached all Bank Accounts of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) which owed Rs.3.6 billion to the exchequer on account of Income Tax.
The PTA was served with recovery notice under Section 138(10 of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001, to deposit the outstanding liabilities by 28th of May 2012 which it failed to do so. Accordingly, various teams were formed by Chief Commissioner, LTU, Islamabad to recover the amount from PTA through attachment of bank accounts and its receivables from mobile operators, wireless local loop (WLL) operators, Long Distance & International (LDI) operators, land line (LL) operators and Ministry of Information Technology.

Update on Mobilink

Pakistan Mobile Communications’ (Mobilink) agrees to pay outstanding tax amount of Rs. 2.5 billion by 30th May, 2012 by availing FBR’s Tax Surcharge and Penalty Waiver Scheme. The issue has been resolved amicably.  

Riffat Shaheen Qazi
Member (FATE)
May 29, 2012