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ایف بی آر کی پریس ریلیز

ایف بی آر کی پریس ریلیزتازہ ترین

FBR and its field formations are working at its full flow to achieve the set targets

It has been reported today in a section of the press that some FBR field officials at one or two locations have gone on strike to press their demands of up gradation of posts of Income Tax Inspectors to BS 16.
FBR headquarter management have contacted the reported field formations and have got it verified that no such officials are on strike. The official work is going normal as usual. The employees moreover, have also strongly refuted such news or rumors of strike and have reiterated their commitment to fulfill the assigned revenue targets through the hectic efforts during the month of June.
FBR management have further clarified that the issue of up gradation of posts is under active consideration and a high powered Committee comprising of senior Members of Federal Board of Revenue is deliberating on this issue and the result is expected shortly.
Riffat Shaheen Qazi
Official Spokesperson, FBR
Jun 17, 2011