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ایف بی آر کی پریس ریلیز

ایف بی آر کی پریس ریلیزتازہ ترین

Chairman FBR meets management of KESC to resolve tax issues

Chairman FBR Mr. Mumtaz Haider Rizvi held a meeting with Mr. Farrukh Junaidi and the management of Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) in Karachi today.
The meeting was held to discuss and resolve the issue of recovery of default surcharge from KESC for which notices were issued by LTU Karachi, and other tax related matters pertaining to the Company.
On this occasion, Chairman FBR was accompanied by Member (IR) Mr. Shahid Husain Asad and Chief Commissioners of LTU and RTOs Karachi.

Muhammad Shahzad
Secretary PR
Apr 20, 2012