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ایف بی آر کی پریس ریلیز

ایف بی آر کی پریس ریلیزتازہ ترین

35 FIRs lodged for evasion of Rs 117.38 million duty

The Customs Collectorate of PaCCs, Karachi has booked 35 persons for evasion of duty and taxes worth Rs 117.38 million in 10 separate cases since February 2011, says a press release issued here Tuesday.

 The FIRs were lodged following raids and inspections carried out by Customs officials on a number of import & export items, including ceramic tiles, used computers luxury goods, body spray, lead Ingots, old & used prime movers, Indian gutka, liquor and polypropylene. The goods were being traded illegally by using various means such as under-invoicing, misuse of exemption, mis-declaration, concealment and smuggling. The value of the offended goods is estimated at Rs 319.76 million. Further investigations are under way.
Hamid Raza Wattoo
Secretary (PR), FATE Wing, FBR
May 10, 2011